Food choices for a better you


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Nourishment is Essential…a few simple changes can go a long way to improve your health

Lisa Michelle Miller, BS, NC presented to employees at the AssetMark Chicago Wellness Event about ‘How to Make Food Choices for a Better YOU’. The presentation and supplemental information about cooking fats, serving sizes, serving quantities, healthy blends and related recipes are provided here for your use.

Cooking Fats table

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  • Oxidation (rancidity) – Forms free radicals which damage tissues, cells, & DNA.
  • Oxidation is caused by heat, light and/or contamination of the fats.
  • Damage can happen based on the quality of the product, during processing, storage and when it hits your frying pan
  • Buy organic when possible to avoid contamination of the fats, especially animal products
  • See recommended fats, organized by heat sensitivity, in the table below
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Eating for Health Model 

Source Bauman college

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Healthy tips when making blends and smoothies (See recipe ideas click here)

  • Consider the servings of carbs, proteins and fats in the blend to meet your needs
  • It’s easy to overload the blender with fruit (and therefore sugar)
  • Blends are recommended over juicing for higher fiber and better blood sugar balance
  • Basic guidelines for full-meal blend: 15-20 grams of protein (yogurt, nuts and seeds); 2+ servings of vegetables (1-2 cups); 1 serving of fruit (1/2 cup); 1 serving of fats (1-3 Tablespoons); Unlimited booster foods (Herbs and spices)


Healthy Breakfast

Diet-Activity Journal template

Tracking is a great way to maintain healthy habits and to understand the effect foods and other lifestyle changes have on your body.
This template provide a sample page and blank pages to print for your personal use.

Online PDF click here

Lisa M Miller - Presentation Document

How to Make Food Choices for a Better YOU!
(Heavy file to download)

Online PDF click here