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More than just an acclaimed cooking school, Kitchen on Fire is devoted to advancing good health and wellness, rooted in both science and lifestyle.

Lisa Miller, Certified Nutrition Consultant and co-owner, runs our nutrition program. For Lisa, nutrition has always been a lifestyle, never a ‘diet’. She believes that quality nutrition combined with an active lifestyle and positive attitude can further enhance the health of a generally healthy person and help to prevent, minimize and eliminate potential health conditions.

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Individual Consultations

Change your approach to nutrition and improve your physical and mental wellness! Eat right based on your body’s individual needs and maximize personal well-being with a nutrition consultant. Menu plans focus on areas including inflammation, intermittent fasting, balancing blood sugar, managing cholesterol, sports nutrition, vegan/vegetarian living and strengthening your immune system.

What we offer:

Your nutrition and wellness consultation will include: ♦review of your intake form prior to your meeting ♦Zoom or phone meeting ♦personalized recommendations ♦5-day meal plan that best fits your needs.

Medically Tailored Meals

We believe in the power of food for good health and promoting healing. Under the nutrition consultant’s guidance, our chefs cook meals to meet the dietary needs of those fighting disease, facing chronic conditions like diabetes, or wanting a drastic change due to a medical condition. We spend the time to discover your favorite foods and make meals that are delicious to you!

Virtual Nutritional Talks and Cooking Demonstrations

Dive into the fundamentals of nutrition! Lisa’s talks each cover a specific nutrition topic and include handouts and presentation materials used to support your learning.

Mindfully preparing and enjoying food is intimately tied to wellness. We want everyone to feel comfortable and have fun in the the kitchen while learning healthy skills like meal planning, intermittent fasting or quick, tasty snacks and lunches.