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Let’s admit it, bringing people together who don’t know each other as a wedding party can be awkward. We’ve all been to stiff wedding dinners and dances where the bridesmaids and groomsmen clearly don’t feel comfortable around each other. Sure, bachelor and bachelorette parties are great occasions to foster bonding on each side of the wedding party, but the real milestone is bringing together both sides of the wedding party into one cohesive group. Building this cohesion before your wedding day is one of the best ways to ensure the group brings a fun and lighthearted mood to your reception.

Instead of hosting the traditional boring meal at a restaurant after your wedding rehearsal, plan a rehearsal gathering that will encourage bonding between your bridesmaids and groomsmen. The perfect event for this is a large group cooking class. Here are some tips for success:

Mix and Match the Attendees

When planning your wedding rehearsal private cooking party, don’t let your wedding party choose which cooking group they want to be in. Instead, put the guests into groups with people they don’t already know. This will build cohesion within the group that will carry over into your wedding day. A good starting point is to pair the bridesmaids and groomsmen who will walk down the aisle together and then group each bridesmaid/groomsman pair with other pairs they don’t know very well.

Make it Fun

Foster friendships within your wedding party by making your large group cooking class fun. Adding adult beverages to the occasion can help lighten the mood, as can a bit of competition. For example, you can divide the wedding party into two groups and structure the cooking party as a competition between each group to see which one can create the best meal. This structure for the cooking class will bring laughter and conversation between your bridesmaids and groomsmen and is sure to build memories that the group will discuss beyond your wedding day.

Know Your Guests

Avoid any surprises at the cooking class by learning a bit about your guests in advance. Details to gather include food allergies, cuisine likes and dislikes, and levels of cooking abilities. By gathering these details in advance, you can then choose a class that best matches the group’s preferences and dietary restrictions. This advance legwork will also help your wedding party feel more at ease walking into the class. Last, planning in advance will help calm the nerves of any attendees who are nervous to participate because they lack cooking skills.

Private cooking classes are great alternatives to traditional wedding rehearsal meals. Bring a lighthearted mood to your wedding rehearsal gathering and build friendships between your bridesmaids and groomsmen through a cooking class. The laughter and fun of the gathering is sure to carry over and set the mood for your wedding day.

Contact us today to help you plan the perfect large group cooking class for your wedding party. We’ll create a fun, interactive menu that suits your needs!