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Team Building Exercise Through Cooking Class

Bringing together a new team has challenges that can be hard to beat. Over time, companies have found various methods to break the ice amongst new coworkers. One method that deserves a lot of credit is a team building cooking class. It may not be a common approach to eliminating work tension among team members, but it is one that should be considered.

Dissolving Tension with Cooking Team Building Activities

Whether you’re attempting to get employees to communicate or get to know one another, using team building cooking classes as a driver for change can achieve great results. Cooking together bonds people in ways that other methods fail to attain.  Think of cooking with a stranger like this: you are confined to a small space, working together to achieve a common goal. Failing to do so successfully will lead to a dish that does not taste as it should.

Applying the same skills used in the kitchen to the workplace will inspire employees to reach the desired goal. Although food has a way of motivating people to put forth their best joint effort, carrying that effort over to teamwork on a job or project allows for better communication, familiarity, and understanding.

Mistakes are far less common in the team that has the ability to work together without stepping on toes. Learning to navigate a kitchen teaches teams this exact thing – literally and metaphorically. The confined space of a kitchen teaches teams to move both around and with each other, especially as cooking often involves moving with knives. It also gives team members the opportunity to determine how best to work together by encouraging leaders to step up.

Putting workplace skills to practice in a neutral space like a cooking corporate team building event gives workers the opportunity to have fun with it. When they then take those same skills and bonds back to work, things run much smoother.

Choosing to Benefit from a Team Building Cooking Class

Taking a team of employees to a cooking class in an effort to build a better team has little risk. Like any other event, cooking together might just prove to be a good time. This is especially true if the team works together to create a delicious meal. Nonetheless, the benefits of team building in an educational kitchen far outweigh the cost.

Leave a kitchen with more than just a bonded team and a full belly. Instead, leave with new skills – both for the kitchen and the office – and the ability to work well together tomorrow. A bond between teammates increases productivity and overall success in industries across the board.

What kind of success can you imagine for your team once the ice has melted?

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