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These are the recent News and Press for Kitchen on Fire. We have been around for more than 12 years and will keep offering great classes and private events. Thank you to all our students and patrons!!


25 Best Cooking Classes in America 2016

In partnership with Voss Water, The Daily Meal ranks the best amateur and recreational cooking classes for cooking enthusiasts

For most, attending culinary school is not a logical career step — even if one fosters an extraordinary appetite for good food and a serious passion for cooking. In most cases, the time, the cost, and the practicality of vocational school are simply, albeit sadly, unreasonable. READ MORE



5 Bay Area Organizations Teaching Kids Cooking Skills

For the past six years, Lisa Miller, co-owner of Kitchen on Fire, has been helping teens learn to cook.

“I think it’s a life skill they will be really glad their parents sought out for them when they were this age,” says Miller.


6 fantastic Bay Area cooking classes


Date night at Kitchen on Fire

The vibe: This 10-year-old school offers a cornucopia of stand-alone, usually three-hour, hands-on classes that range from “Modern American Bar Food” and “Risotto Workshop” to “Healthy Vegetarian and Vegan Living” and a popular, comprehensive 12-week Basics series. Classes are held in two kitchens — one in West Berkeley, the other in the Gourmet Ghetto two doors down from Chez Panisse. READ MORE

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Diablo Mag Nov 2017

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"The morning of the Vegetables Reinvented class, chef Olivier “Olive” Said shopped at Berkeley’s Monterey Market and couldn’t help but buy whatever looked good—even if it wasn’t in a planned recipe" READ MORE

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7x7 magazine 2017: Learn to Cook This Summer at These Bay Area Schools

If shaking up your weekday dinner routine is on your summer projects to-do list, sign up for one of these Bay Area cooking classes and start impressing your friends. READ MORE

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The 10 Best Cooking Classes in California! 2017

California has always had an amazing culinary scene, thanks largely to a large bounty of producers that lead to creative and intrepid chefs. If you love food but are still a little cautious when it comes to cooking, you can find many seasoned chefs willing to supply with tricks and tools of the trade. You can find cooking classes that are perfect for meeting new people or spending a date night or host a cooking class for friends in your own home. You can even take classes at some of the country’s top culinary schools and go home armed with recipes. Take a look at 10 of the best cooking classes in California. READ MORE

5 of the Bay Area's Best Cooking Classes

Recently listed in the Daily Meal’s 25 Best Cooking Classes in America, Berkeley’s Kitchen on Fire offers cooking demonstrations, lectures and classes for everyone from the novice to the experienced cook. The intimate classes cover a wide range of cuisines, from Thai dishes to fresh takes on Thanksgiving dinner, and always utilize seasonal ingredients from local small growers and winemakers. Classes are organized by categories, including nutrition, teens, couples and vegetarian, and always begin with ingredient and tool instruction as well as nutritional information. READ MORE

Bay Area Bites Guide to 10 Great Local Food Gifts for the Holidays KQED 2016

A cooking class is the perfect experience gift. As the old saying goes, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish via the gift of cooking classes and be guaranteed an invite to a demonstration of his newfound salmon-cooking abilities. The Bay Area offers cooking classes of every kind, from kid’s classes at Cucina Bambini, to a French-themed couples cooking lesson from Kitchen on Fire.