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UCSF Instant Pot Cooking Class

This may have been your first time using fresh herbs, spices and a variety of acids (vinegars and citrus) to fine-tune a recipe and we hope that you enjoyed it! We created this class to inspire you to learn more about healthy eating and nutrition. Check out all the recipes below (both for Instant Pot cooking as well as stove-top cooking using a stock pot) so that you can continue to learn and experiment with ingredients at home.

We also added our special guides to using Cooking Oils and Fats with recommended types by temperature and a Spice Blends Profile Sheet with an assortment of flavor combinations to reference at anytime!

Learning Objective:

  • Learn an essential life skill from professionals

  • Understand the nutritional value of quality ingredients

  • Explore new flavors with fresh herbs and spices

  • Gain confidence to cook for yourself and others

  • Save time and money cooking at home

  • Enjoy time in the kitchen with friends!


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