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a group of people preparing food in a kitchen

Team building activities are a great way to improve communication between your employees. A bit of healthy competition can bring people together in a fun and exciting way! Kitchen On Fire’s team of expert chefs and event planners can create a memorable experience for you and your staff.

When you schedule a corporate team building event with us, you can expect an experience that includes about an hour and a half of hands-on cooking and time to share and taste the dishes. We can construct our classes to introduce unique cuisine, focus on healthy options, or teach foundation cooking skills. No matter what personality your employees have, our team building cooking classes can be the activity you’re looking for to bring everyone together!

Formats Available at Both our Berkeley & Oakland Locations:

Party Plates – During this team building activity, your employees will create a variety of dishes. As they are ready, the food is served family style on platters around the room. Guests and chefs are encouraged to taste and mingle while cooking and dining.

Sit-Down – After all the items are prepared, they will be served buffet style. This activity format allows all guests to participate in group discussion and chatter while dining.

Battling Competition – Looking to heat things up with some friendly competition? Your employees will be divided into teams and challenged to make the perfect dish! Judging is based on organization, creativity, plating, and overall taste, determined by our lead chef. This format is very popular for corporate team building events, as it challenges players to really work together and communicate.

Interested in booking a team building activity at our Berkeley or Oakland location?

Contact us today and we can choose a date and create a menu that suits your needs!