Hands-on cooking classes and workshops offered at our two kitchens in Berkeley and Oakland.

Private Cooking Parties, Corporate Team Building & Catering

Team building cooking events and private parties hosted at Kitchen on Fire, catered office lunches, and more.

12-week basic

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced home cook, go beyond recipes and take your cooking to the next level

fun cooking classes for everyone!

Founded in 2005, Kitchen on Fire is located in Berkeley’s Epicurious Garden, an expansion and continuation of the gourmet cuisine legacy started by Alice Waters at Chez Panisse more than 30 years ago. Our new location in Oakland brings even more cooking to the East Bay!

Our mission is to help you integrate into your life food that is good and good for you. When we succeed, you are better equipped to gift yourself good food and health for the rest of your life.

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Kitchen on Fire - Berkeley
1509 Shattuck Ave, 
Berkeley, CA 94709

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Kitchen on Fire - Oakland
6506 San Pablo Ave      Oakland, CA 94608 
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Award-winning 12-Week Basics of Cooking Series

Whether you’re an amateur in the kitchen looking to progress beyond boiling water or an advanced home cook wanting to take your cooking to the next level, Kitchen on Fire’s 12 Week Basics of Cooking Series is just right for you. We go beyond merely teaching recipes, to explore the techniques that are the foundations for all recipes. By understanding what’s “under the hood” of a recipe (what makes it work) helps you pull it off to perfection every time. You’ll learn the basic science and proper cooking methods that will make all cooking a breeze, from quick weeknight family meals to entertaining for a crowd! One professional chef instructor per 9 students. 




With deep passion for sharing delicious food and life-long dedication to healthy living, co-owners Olivier Said and Lisa Miller can be found in the kitchen or working with students or clients in some capacity every day of the week.



Olivier Said

Chef Olivier ("Olive") Said is the founder and co-owner of Kitchen on Fire and one of the East Bay’s most popular culinary personalities. Chef Olive teaches many of the most popular Kitchen on Fire classes, leads team-building and other events, and is also a Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant.

Lisa Michelle Miller, BS, NC

Lisa Miller is co-owner of Kitchen on Fire, a Nutrition Consultant, and member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Lisa graduated with honors and earned a certification in Nutrition Consulting from the state licensed Bauman College, College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts in Berkeley, California.

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Community outreach

Kitchen on Fire has a heart and soul that reaches far beyond its kitchen doors. Giving back to our community fuels our vitality and best of all, giving back is always in season. A passion for providing culinary and nutritional education, regardless of social situations, drives us to reach out to those most in need. Though we host educational, culinary adventures at our Berkeley based kitchens, you’ll also find us in the community teaching those less fortunate how to feed themselves, their families, and even forge a culinary career.

Our customers continued support of Kitchen on Fire goes a long way. We thank you for contributing your culinary dollars to our school, and making it up possible to continually change our customers’ lives as well those less fortunate in our community.