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Global Learning Fair 2018: Taste of Thai

It was great to come to see you again at Udemy for the Fair. Please enjoy these recipes.

Udemy  - Healthy Eating 2017 on the Go 2017

Lisa Miller, certified Nutrition Consultant and one of our owners, spoke to you about Healthy Eating on the Go. 

Here are some additional details to support our live discussion about Healthy Eating on the Go with specific tips and suggestions for meals, snacks and hydration. 

If you have additional questions regarding the talk or the information below you can reach Lisa directly at lisa@kitchenonfire.com

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Breakfast – Tips and recipe ideas

  • Tips for a good breakfast

    • Eat within 1 hour of getting up

    • Include protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates!

    • Protein is essential in the morning

      • To maintain optimal natural energy throughout the day

      • Protein will help you think and function

      • Protein also helps you stay full longer

      • Most organic animal protein will also include healthy fats

      • Adequate protein levels will keep you from craving that additional coffee or bagel

  • Easy Breakfast Ideas
    • Hot Cereal: 1 cup soaked grain w/ seeds, 1 oz raisins, or ½ cup fresh seasonal fruit

    • Eggs: 1–2 poached eggs with cooked greens and 1/4 avocado; hard-boiled eggs are great on the run!

    • Yogurt: 1 cup plain yogurt, small handful of nuts or seeds, ½ cup of berries, spices or other seasoning

    • Smoothie:  Potential ingredients: Yogurt, milk, hemp seeds (great source of protein), berries, greens, other fruit, avocado, almond butter, seasonings, coconut oil, and more

    • Grab and Go at the Airport: yogurt, small bag of nuts, piece of fruit, oatmeal, hard boiled egg, health bar, almond butter, protein smoothie (watch the sugars!)

    • Avoid simple carb items (plain bagel, pastry, orange juice, or large banana) unless paired with good proteins (ham, salmon, hummus, cheese, or eggs)

Snacks - Tips and REcipe ideas

  • Snacks are important for regulating blood sugar

    • Have a snack or a meal every 3-4 hours

    • Include protein, healthy fats and carbs

    • About half the size of a meal


  • What to look for:

    • Sugar < 7g

    • Protein 7-10g

    • Ingredients you can read (real foods and not a list of chemicals)

    • Low glycemic (less spike to blood sugar, i.e. berries)

    • Organic, if possible

    • Unprocessed (eat things in the most natural state possible)

    • High fiber (we need fiber, this is often low in processed foods and juices)

    • Colorful – Eat all the colors! These are your immune support!


  • Easy snack ideas on the go

    • Grab & Go: Yogurt, nuts & fruit, fruit & cheese, hummus and crackers/veggie sticks or slices, hard-boiled eggs

    • Bring from Home: (travel well): raw nuts, Baby Bell cheese or cheese sticks, water bottle, dried fruit (not raisins), seeds (pumpkin, hemp), health bars (use the sugar and protein guidelines above)

    • Buy at the Airport: Yogurt, small bag of nuts, piece of fruit, oatmeal, hard-boiled egg, almond butter

Lunch and Dinner  - Tips for eating out

  • Animal products contain fats and should be the best quality. If you are unsure if the meats are hormone free and good overall quality, go with less animal protein.

  • Reduce the processed carbs to one serving per meal.

  • Order a colorful meal

  • Order a salad starter. It’s OK if you don’t ‘need’ it. You need the nutrients!


  • 85% of people are partially dehydrated

  • Slight dehydration can impair physical & cognitive function

  • Consumption tends to be more of a habit than a sign of a bodily need

  • Dehydration can deplete energy & immune function; increase muscle contractions, decrease blood pressure; be disguised as hunger

  • Recommended daily consumption - ½ cup per waking hour; double amount while flying

  • Watch your consumption of dehydrating liquids i.e. alcohol, juice, energy drinks & caffeinated beverages

  • Hydration needs differ per individual, daily actitvities, and weather

Udemy Learning Fair 2017: Healthy Eating on the Go

Recipes Below

Global Learning Fair 2018: Taste of Thai

It was great to come to Udemy for the Fair. Please enjoy these recipes

Recipes Below

Pad Thai: Click on the picture for recipe

Pad Thai: Click on the picture for recipe

Beef Larb: Click on the picture for recipe.

Beef Larb: Click on the picture for recipe.