How Cooking Parties Inspire Teamwork

Your employees are the heart of your company and investing in team building exercises can enhance their roles and connections. Friendship in the work place can help to improve motivation, cohesiveness, productivity, and boost morale. Corporate team building in the kitchen is a natural and fun opportunity for team leaders and employees to socialize and get to know one another.

At Kitchen on Fire, we understand that trying to please everyone and choosing a team building activity for everyone can be stressful, but we provide a welcoming, fun environment. Learn some of the ways team-building can benefit your team!


Connects On-Site & Remote Employees - While remote work has its perks and allows employees to collaborate without meeting in person, meeting face-to-face is a way to grow trust across team members and departments. Bringing together in-house staff and remote personnel will help your team get to know each other, work side-by-side, and connect not just online but personally. The end result can increase collaboration and productivity.

Build Bridges Across Departments - Bringing together employees from different areas of the company allows them to interact with colleagues they may not usually see. At a company-wide team building activity, doors are opened to create room for new friendships and work associations.

Promotes Social Interaction - When employees are at work, it can be hard to talk about anything other than work. Team building activities provide the opportunity to talk about non-work topics such as sports, hobbies, and family. When out of their comfort-zones, employees can engage not only as colleagues but as one person to another.

Inspires Creativity & Innovation - Creativity and innovation can be fostered in many ways, especially in the kitchen! The act of cooking doesn’t just create meals, it could cook up a new project or innovation that helps move the company forward.

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