Anti Inflammatory

Pickled Pineapple and Turmeric Elixir

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Pickled Pineapple Core and Turmeric Elixir

Anti Inflammatory Properties


Pineapple core sliced 1/8 inch. For a quart you will need the cores of 2 small pineapples.

Turmeric powder, 1-2 Tbsp for about 1 quart of Apple Cider.

Whole cloves. I like 6-9 cloves for a quart of vinegar.

2 teaspoon or more of freshly ground black organic pepper.

Fresh Turmeric and Fresh Ginger optional, sliced.


Add all the ingredient into a jar, and cover with apple cider vinegar.

Always keep the fruit completely submerged in the vinegar.

This can be used as a vinegar for dressing and also 1 Tbsp in a glass of water in the morning.

Ready in a couple of days.

Note: If eaten directly, rinse your teeth with water after because of the citric acid.


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