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Our Philosophy 

  • Promote whole foods and low-processed foods.

  • Encourage a diverse, primarily plant-based diet.

  • Include food from healthy animals.

  • Promote anti-inflammatory food choices.

  • Recognize that individuals have unique food needs.

  • Care about food and its sources.

What we eat and avoid eating are extremely important to the healing process when living with cancer, as well as prevention. That same statement is true with many other diseases we face.

The recipes for that menu are targeted to support the healing power of your body with an abundance of antioxidants and a reduction of inflammation.  In addition to the foods to include, be sure to make the healthiest choices possible by buying organic, CHANGE seasonal, local and non-GMO produce, being very selective regarding all animal products, and purchasing good quality oils and fats.

We also recommend using cooking techniques to be gentle to the foods to reduce nutrient loss and also the creation of carcinogens. Please note, these are general recommendations and individuals should consult their doctor regarding any specific guidelines based on their personal situation.