Fats is not the enemy!

New Dietary guideline on Fox 2. Interview with Lisa Miller, Certified Nutrition Consultant, and attending students, at Kitchen on Fire cooking school in Berkeley. The cooking class is in session.

More than just an acclaimed cooking school with an award-winning chef and catering team, Kitchen on Fire is devoted to advancing good health and general wellness. We work with some of the most well-known organizations in the Bay Area with KoF Nutrition and Wellness Events that educate their workforce on staying healthy with delicious food. From creating nutritious eating options for doctors and nurses on long shifts to cooking with a huge corporate sales team, KoF creates memorable events that transform the health of our clients.

We tailor each event, or cooking workshop, to suit your needs but a big part of our program is education on the basics of good nutrition. Our events can be lectures, presentations, cooking demos, hands-on cooking classes, or a combination of these. For demos, we may bring prepared snacks or lunches of the items we’re cooking. KoF is part of several wellness programs and wellness days in the Bay Area where we educate and cook with large groups. We have presented “Lunch and Learns” to organizations like BART and GU Energy. We train sales people on how to stay healthy on the road and create team-building events on how foods affect our bodies in different ways.

You can expect a little myth-busting and information on why and how to eat good fats. We provide recipes and tips on breakfasts and snacks and why they matter. Our overarching goal is for participants to walk away learning at least one new thing that helps them lead healthier lives. Some of the things we often cover include:

  • Healthy eating practices

  • Proteins & fats for growth & repair

  • Maintaining energy through the day

  • Cleansing & Protective Carbohydrates

  • Maximizing Micronutrients

  • Boosting your immune system and your metabolism

Kitchen on Fire boasts a knowledgeable and experienced team of nutritionists and classically-trained professional chefs focused on healthy foods and a fun-loving atmosphere. We are passionate about what we do and love working together. Please contact us to schedule your customized Nutrition Event. We are excited to share our knowledge and spread the good word about good food!

Kitchen on Fire enjoys offering you menu choices that feature the most flavorful and nutritious offerings from the current harvest season. We are proud to offer the following event menus (updated seasonally) featuring delectable dishes for the cuisine and event style of your choice:

Plan your Nutrition Event with us

We have outlined 10 Examples from customized nutrition-based events, either Off-Site or in one of our Kitchen on Fire kitchens.  Some have a description of the event to give more of a flavor for what we do. Email Lisa at nutrition@kitchenonfire.com for any questions about nutrition events, classes or projects. Lisa is one of the owners and is our Nutrition Program Director for Kitchen on Fire.

Healthy Eating On the Go! Eating for a 12-Hour Shift without a Kitchen

A local hospital hired our team to teach 60 doctors how to eat healthfully during their long shifts. They need complete balanced meals and snacks that are easy to prepare, pack and eat without the convenience of a kitchen during their shift. It’s one thing to have a long day once in a while and resort to snack bars, though not on a regular basis. The body’s ability to digest, absorb and assimilate is assisted by even the simplest things, such as, food that looks good, tastes good and provides variety in the diet. We provided a fun, educational event to provide just what they needed. Our team of 10 from Kitchen on Fire set up a cooking venue at the conference center for the client’s off-site event. The client prepared and enjoyed six recipes. Throughout the event we provided nutritional benefits of each recipe, nutritional tips on general healthy eating, the importance of seasonality and organics, etc. The doctors had a great time and went home with a link to all of recipes with additional tips as well!

World Diabetes Day

We were invited to be part of a community event for diabetes awareness and education. We provided a nutrition lecture, healthy cooking demonstrations and box lunches specially designed for diabetic needs.


Healthy Food Demonstrations, Samples, Recipes and Nutrition Discussion for Local Expo


Farmer’s Market and Other Public Cooking Demonstrations


University Athletic Team Healthy Eating and Nutrition Education

Teach your athletic team how to eat well (cooking it themselves) and how it will help their athletic performance!


Introduced Employees of a Food Company to dishes with Specific Flavor Profiles for R&D Purposes and included Nutritional Education about the Ingredients


Professional Athletic Team Outing with targeted Nutrient Balance for Training Purposes


Guest Lecturer for College Organics Program:  Health Benefits of Organic Foods – Talk to Lisa about speaking for your event.


Private Nutrition Class: Any of our classes can be purchased for your own private class with your friends or workgroup.

As an example, ‘Eating for Athletes’ is a great one for your running, triathlete or other athletic group. (This class is close to Lisa’s heart as a former triathlete!)


Regular Nutrition Meetings with Seasonal Demonstrations, Topics of Choice and Catered appetizers.

Do you have a group that has regularly scheduled meetings and would like some periodic healthy food demos, samples and education as well? One of our next events has requested we discuss some components from our ‘Heart Health’ and ‘Anti-inflammatory Living’ classes. We will serve appetizers and prepare demos with the requested profile.