Asset Mark partnered with Kitchen on Fire Cooking School and Ocean View Nutrition to provide one-on-one nutrition consultations for their employees. If you are visiting this site, it means you took advantage of this opportunity to have a short consultation with Lisa Miller (Owner, Nutrition Consultant, Instructor and Public Speaker) to help you learn more about personalized nutrition, meal plans, and recipes for you and your family!

Kitchen on Fire boasts a knowledgeable and experienced team of nutrition consultants and classically-trained chefs. We promote and teach cooking and eating healthy foods in a fun-loving atmosphere. We are excited to share our knowledge and help you enjoy good food that is also good for you!

In your consultation, you received a one-page menu plan related to one of four health focus areas, Sports Nutrition, Insulin Resistance, Inflammation or Managing Cholesterol and Hypertension.  The following recipes were indicated with an asterisk (*) within the content of the menu plan you received. We have also included a selection of vegan and vegetarian recipes. Please enjoy the following recipes as our gift to you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Lisa Miller at


Sports Nutrition - Healthy Eating for Athletic Lifestyles at any Level

Moderate exercise on a consistent basis can make a significant improvement in your mental and physical health.  Benefits of exercise include building healthy bones and muscles, improving strength and endurance, reducing body fat, helping control weight, reducing anxiety and stress, improving mood state, improving blood pressure and cholesterol, slowing down negative cognitive changes that may accompany aging, boosting your immune system, and greatly improving glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity.  However, athletes could unknowingly place undue stress on their system resulting in temporary or long-term health concerns. Mitigating actions through diet and appropriate physical activities play a large part in avoiding or recovering from, some of the downsides of overdoing a good thing and pushing beyond what the body can handle.  An athletic lifestyle may result in a higher occurrence of oxidative stress, joint damage, nutrient deficiency, bone degeneration, loss of muscle mass, and dehydration than an average person.

Recipes below are complementary information to the 5-Day Menu provided during your consulation:

Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is a state of hormone imbalance resulting from excess sugar in muscle cells and the bloodstream. A healthy specialized diet is the best place to start to reverse insulin resistance. To help the body reverse insulin resistance a strict diet is needed. As the body starts to recover the plan is not as limiting. Initially, all sugars are eliminated and carbohydrates are reduced below metabolic needs, i.e., burn more than consume.  It is necessary to balance the reduced carbohydrate intake with adequate protein and fats to avoid undernourishment during repair.  However, calorie restriction is warranted to a degree since the body has stored excess energy to burn.

Recipes below are complementary information to the 5-Day Menu provided during your consultation:


Inflammation is a protective immune response to initiate healing as a result of injury, toxins, allergy, infection, emotional trauma or nutritional excess or deficiency. The body becomes inflamed to provide a protective environment for healing. Inflammation occurs when damaged tissue needs repair. Blood vessels in the injured tissue open wider to carry plasma proteins and leukocytes (white blood cells) into the surrounding tissue to cleanse and heal the area.  Addressing deficiencies in the digestive system can help many chronic health problems such as inflammation.  Treatment starts with a restrictive diet to remove potential triggers or allergens while supporting the gut flora (environment) with probiotics and other nutrients to rebuild strength to aid proper digestion and reduce sensitivities to allergens.  It is recommended to work with a nutrition professional when considering an elimination diet to optimize understanding and achieve desired results.

Recipes below are complementary information to the 5-Day Menu provided during your consultation:

Managing Cholesterol and Hypertension

Cholesterol is a healing agent produced by the body.  Cholesterol levels are manageable through diet for most, some impacted by an inherited trait (understood through testing). Good fats are an important part of a healthy diet even when managing down cholesterol. Eat a balanced diet with about 20% fat, 20% protein and 60% carbohydrates (this is a guideline and will vary by person). Support specific needs for cholesterol lowering through a healthy diet focusing on the foods below with an increased fiber content (50g daily.)

Recipes below are complementary information to the 5-Day Menu provided during your consultation:

Healthy Vegan and Vegetarian Living

Eating vegetarian or vegan and remaining healthy isn’t always easy!  Consuming the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals takes some purposeful menu-planning.  It is important that the foods you chose to cook and eat offer a nourishing balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and micronutrients.

Recipes below: