CHEF Kevin

Name: Chef Kevin

Kevin Hogan is a San Francisco native who grew up far from the Bay area. 

The son of a US health department administrator, Kevin got an early introduction to the foods and flavors of the world while living in France, Switzerland, Nigeria and Côte D’Ivoire.

Food, the gateway to culture, was a particular fascination for him while living in foreign countries, eating in restaurants, home kitchens and market stalls, and he learned to love new and and unusual flavors. 

Kevin’s culinary interests always centered on the unique qualities of home cooked food, and he learned at an early age to prepare simple meals.

High school years in Atlanta GA included summer jobs in restaurants, washing pizza pans, bussing tables, chopping onions, and making lots of biscuits, yet it was still the food coming from home kitchens in the American south that inspired Kevin’s passion for cooking.

In his years as the wine buyer for Berkeley specialty food retailer The Spanish Table, Kevin began sharing his repertoire of vernacular kitchen wisdom with customers, in passing conversation at first, then in printed recipes, newsletters and live demonstrations. 

The unique flavors of home-cooked food inspire Kevin’s classes at Kitchen On Fire where he has been teaching for over ten years. His classes mix historic context with practical advice to make shopping, preparing and serving delicious meals at home a source of pride and pleasure for cooks of all skill levels.