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Large Group Cooking Class

Kitchen on Fire Virtual Teen Cooking Camp: First Week Report

  Photos shared with us by students of their final products! ““I had so much fun this week at your teen cooking class, so I thought I’d send some pictures of the things I’ve made! Please tell Chef Olive thank you and that I learned so much!” ”— Teen Camp Participant We had our first

Wedding Rehearsal Idea: Cooking Event

Let’s admit it, bringing people together who don’t know each other as a wedding party can be awkward. We’ve all been to stiff wedding dinners and dances where the bridesmaids and groomsmen clearly don’t feel comfortable around each other. Sure, bachelor and bachelorette parties are great occasions to foster bonding on each side of the…

New and Fun Ways to Host a Family Reunion

Have you ever gone to a family reunion where it was tough to get the conversation going? Your mother’s cousin’s step-father might have similar interests to your own, but getting to the point where communication flows and is easy can be a challenge for many. This is often especially true when the reunion is simply…